New guidelines announced for the fourth phase of Lockdown

Delhi road, India (image source : wikimedia commons)

The central government announced some new guidelines for the fourth phase of the lockdown. The general lockdown period will be until May 31st but with some new relaxations for the non-containment zones of the country. This is to allow economic activities to continue along with the needed transportation flow.

All public transport, markets, offices and manufacturing facilities are allowed to operate without any restrictions. Public and private vehicles are now allowed to move freely without any special permission. This is only for the areas designated as ‘Non-Containment’ zones. The zones categorization of Red, Orange, and Green are no longer applied. Only zones which are contained will have the maximum restrictions on the public movement. All these guidelines are applicable to the whole country. No restrictions are given state-wise.

However, some activities are still banned in the country. These include domestic and international air travel and inter-city metro train services. Along with these hotels, restaurants, theatres, educational institutions, malls, gyms, etc. will remain closed until further notice. Also, all sorts of public, social, and religious gatherings are banned as well.

Some services such as salons, liquor shops, e-commerce delivery services, taxi services with no minimum passengers, shops are also allowed. Offices can now open with full attendance, however, the government has said that people should work from home if possible.

The government has also announced that inter-state travel is only allowed as per the mutual decision among the states. The following video by GO VT media details all the activities that are now allowed under the new guidelines.

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