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New law in Rajasthan to punish those who ‘misbehave’ against tourists

Repeat offenders will not get bail after their imprisonment.

The government of Rajasthan has announced a new law under which a person who ‘harasses’ or ‘misbehave’ with the tourist will be legally prosecuted. Repeat offenders will not get bail.

Rajasthan government is working hard towards creating a good tourism infrastructure in which security and sustainability are the main goals. The new law was introduced after considering the many reports in which tourists faced problems with the local vendors.

The State Ministry of Tourism is working towards boosting the tourism of Rajasthan. Many new projects have been introduced to increase the tourism activities in the State. The local artists and businesses are looking for the resumption of tourism so they can start working again.

One of the officials stated that it is very important for tourists to feel safe when they are traveling. With the new law, it is expected that tourism in Rajasthan will safe for everyone.

Following is the news article from ‘Times of India’ about the new legislation that is being passed.


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