New variants of the fungal infection called Mucormycosis on the rise in India

White and yellow fungal infections found after the Black fungus rise.

In the past few weeks, India faced another fatal infection that has a very high mortality rate. Mucormycosis known as the black fungus has been on the rise in India. People in the hospitals who are also Covid patients are the ones who got infected by Mucormycosis. This fungal infection has claimed many lives with more and more cases being reported every single day.

Recently two new variants of Mucormycois got into the headlines of the news reports. According to the recent news, the ‘White’ and ‘Yellow’ fungus is also being witnessed in several hospitals. Although these fungal infections are quite common and are not considered fatal, patients infected with the Covid-19 virus have a serious chance of losing their life.

With compromised immune systems, the patients develop several complications that have proven to be fatal to their health. The following news report from ‘WION’ talks about the recent developments in the rise of these fungal infections.

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