Next gen e-passports to be a reality in India soon

E-Passports will be secured with the biometric data of an individual.

We have very cool and unique news for all the travelers. Soon the government is planning to launch chip-enabled e-passports that will be secured with biometric data. This was a statement announced by the Ministry of External Affairs. The government of India is all geared up to introduce a whole new passport system for its citizens.

The introduction and implementation of the new e-passports are in the second phase of the Passport Seva Programme, developed by Tata Consultancy Services. A decade of hard work was applied in the first phase of this program. One of the major impacts of these new passports will be that they will help with the smooth movement of passengers through immigration posts across the world.

The e-passports will bring some adamant changes. It will help protect the biometric data, and it is also said to be on par with the basic standards of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, as said by Sanjay Bhattacharya, Ministry of External Affairs.

The congratulatory news is that about 20000 official and diplomatic e-passports in India have already been issued containing an electronic microprocessor chip embedded in them. But it is to be noted that this is all a part of the pilot project before the final project gets rolled out.

Okay, it’s great news but let’s not get excited as the second phase of the Passport Seva Programme is going to take about 9.5 years. Currently, without a doubt, It is the largest mission-critical e-governance program in the country currently even though the final project will not be rolled out anytime soon.

As of now, the country issues passports for citizens in printed booklets. Incidentally, India has ranked 83rd on the list of the most powerful passports in 2022. India managed to improve its ranking from the previous 90th position.,be%20secured%20with%20biometric%20data.

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