No Quarantine for vaccinated foreign visitors

Unvaccinated tourist will have to get tested on arrival and 'Self-isolate' themselves for 7 days.

According to the recent announcement made by the Health Ministry of India, all fully vaccinated tourists visiting India will not be quarantined. This rule will be implemented from today (25th October). This is another initiative by the government to revive tourism. Reducing hassles for tourists can greatly help in the recovery of tourism activities in India.

However, all tourists visiting India will have to get a ‘Negative Covid-19 Test report’ which is valid for 72 hours before entering the borders of India. Also, the tourists who can show the full vaccination certificate can travel without any restrictions.

Those tourists who are not fully vaccinated will have to undergo a test as soon as they arrive in India. After the test, the tourist will have to ‘Self-isolate’ for seven days and then get tested again. Earlier, all tourists who entered India via special flights had to undergo a 14-day quarantine period.

India has started issuing tourist visas and the international passenger flights are expected to start from 15th November. The winter destinations of Goa, Rajasthan, and Kerala are expected to receive international and domestic tourists.

All tourists will still have to check the validity of the vaccines they have been administered. As per regulations, India will allow only those who have received WHO-approved vaccines with special agreements with India. It is better to get enough information before traveling.

The following news article from ‘The National News’ reports about the recent lift of the quarantine rule.

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