No visas will be issued for travelers travelling through land

Only water tranportation and flights will be allowed for international travel to India.

As per the recent announcement made by the Ministry of Home Affairs in India, No visas will be issued for tourists who are traveling by land to India. All tourists will have to travel through water transportation or flights. The visas will start issuing from 15th October.

With the start of international tourism, there are hundreds of tourists expected to travel to India in the coming months. The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced that all E-visas will be a single-entry visa valid for a month. Further restrictions will be relaxed in the coming months. It is expected that the gradual opening of international tourism will happen.

If the positivity rate of Covid-19 remains low in India, tourism can fully revive. However, the regular passenger flights are still suspended until further notice. Only chartered planes will be allowed in India. In the coming weeks, more clarity will be given when exactly regular passenger flights can resume.

Following is a news article from ‘Economic Times’ reporting about the recent announcement made by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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