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October is the month where the recovery of tourism will be tested in Goa

The month of October is the beginning of the tourist season in Goa.

Goa Beach
Beach in Goa (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

It is estimated that the total number of tourists visiting Goa in a year is around 8 million out of which approximately 1.2 million are foreigners. The last weekend proved to be beneficial for Goa with more than 50 percent rise in the number of hotel bookings were reported.

The month of October would be the testing time for tourism since it is the beginning of the tourist season in Goa. Goa has largely been safe from the effects of lockdown since the lockdown started in the month of March. March is usually the end of the tourist season in Goa. With the beginning of October, the businesses in Goa have prepared themselves in terms of laying down the safety protocols of the stakeholder of the tourism industry in Goa.

The hotel tariffs which are usually 18,000 for a night in some hotels are now being reduced to Rs. 4000 a night. This is all being done to attract more and more tourists. The frequency of air flights has also increased showing a positive sign for tourism in Goa. Most of the business owners are currently not looking for earning profit. It seems currently, the only focus is to sustain themselves and keep their businesses afloat.

The tourism activities have not yet fully opened for the tourists. Tourists will not stay in their rooms when they arrive in Goa. Almost all of them would like to go out on the beaches and visit bars and take part in the water sport activities and other attractions. However, this year it will be a little less available for the tourists. But still, there are people who are visiting and many who are wishing to go out after being confined to their homes for 6 months.

For Goa, around 33% of its GDP is dependent on Tourism and it is critical for the locals to have a sustainable business in order to keep their livelihood going.

The government of Goa is ensuring that all hotels and accommodations are following the safety protocols laid down by the government. The tourism department is taking measures to ensure that a single room is not occupied by more than 2 people for a short term stay. Earlier, the rooms are usually occupied by around 10 people for a short stay.

The tourism department is also working towards opening the shacks which help the livelihood of the small local business owners.

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