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Online registration is mandatory for tourists before travelling to Himachal

RT-PCR test is also required by unvaccinated tourists.

Recently, the rise in the number of new Covid-19 cases has been observed. Considering this the state government of Himachal Pradesh has decided to impose restrictions on tourists.

All tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh will have to have registered online before entering the borders of the state. Also, all tourists will have to carry a negative Covid-19 certificate before traveling.

Earlier, many relaxations were given to the tourists which ended up overcrowding of many popular hill stations such as Shimla and Manali. This has resulted in the spread of the Covid-19 infections and possibly the rise of the new cases will be seen in the coming weeks.

Although, many experts anticipate the third wave of Covid-19 and rise of the new Delta variant. But, the number of cases has been declining since last month. In the last few weeks, there has been a sudden spike that was seen in the Covid-19 data for the new cases.

The new restrictions will most likely lessen the number of tourists visiting Himachal. That would mean the tourism industry of Himachal will most likely face another challenge for its survival. Following is the news article with the detailed report about the new announcement made by the state government of Himachal Pradesh.


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