Only fully vaccinated people will be required to attend social gatherings

Diwali and Dusshera would be the biggest festivals in India that are expected in the coming months.

The upcoming festive season is right around the corner and social gatherings are expected in the coming months. The government of India has announced that people who wish to participate in mass social gatherings will have to get fully vaccinated.

This rule has been made mandatory and will be implemented by all the states of India in the coming weeks. The health officials believe the third wave of the Covid pandemic is expected during the festive season. For Dusshera and Diwali, people are expected to do a lot of shopping, and celebrations are expected during social gatherings and events.

In several states of India, a spike in the number of new cases has been reported. Due to this, many travel restrictions have been imposed on tourists. Strict measures are expected to be implemented in the coming weeks considering the upcoming festivities.

Following is a detailed news report by Livemint about the government’s announcement made in regards to the social gatherings.

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