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Paddling festival held in Kerala to boost tourism

The main aim of this festival to raise awarness for the plastic pollution that is affecting the rivers of Kerala.

The popular festival event called ‘Chaliyar River Paddle’ will start from 12th November. This will be the seventh version of the famous ‘Chaliyar River Paddle’ festival. This festival will be a 3-day event that will be hosted in association with the Kerala Tourism department. The theme of this year’s festival is to fight against plastic waste. The theme says, ‘Go Plastic Negative’ and will be promoted on social media and other media channels.

The main objective of this event is to promote the local villages of Kerala and their natural beauty. The rivers offer many opportunities to experience watersports including the paddling event which is very popular among the locals. The local food and handicrafts will also be promoted during the event. Many other states of India have several tourism projects aimed at promoting the tourist destinations of India.

Several famous restaurants will come together to promote the most authentic foods of Kerala. This initiative is one of the many projects that is meant for the boosting of tourism activities. As per the guidelines, all participants and attendants will have to carry a full vaccination certificate before attending the festival. Several sustainable tourism projects are being completed to help make Kerala an ideal travel destination.

The rivers of Kerala are a great place for experiencing watersport activities. Another popular activity is the sport of Kayaking for which an international Kayaking event was held in Kozhikode. The Chaliyar River Paddle event will promote kayaking and other watersports among the locals as business opportunities in the tourism sector.

As for this event, the main goal is to create awareness about the plastic waste that is severely polluting the rivers of Kerala. Many recycling projects are underway to clean out the plastic waste from the rivers of Kerala. Following is the detailed report by the ‘The Hindu’ regarding the upcoming paddling festival in Kerala.

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