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Pangi Valley in Chamba attracts many tourists to its homestays

Many other areas of Chamba and Himachal Pradesh are being developed as tourist destinations.

According to the recent news, there are around 23 new homestays that were developed to boost the tourism economy in Chamba. This has generated income and job opportunities for the locals doing their small businesses. Many young people in the villages are working in tourism activities to sustain their livelihood.

The Pangi valley is a secluded area of Chamba surrounded by panoramic views of the natural beauty of mountains and valleys. It is a rich bio-diverse land full of rare species of birds, plants, and animals. The Pangi valley has now developed several homestays that are attracting many travels to this beautiful land. Now, all modern amenities are available in these homestays to make sure tourists are comfortable in the mountains.

Some remote villages are ready to receive tourists on a large scale for the first time. The tourism infrastructure mainly roads and bridges still need some work to make tourism sustainable. Following is the news article from ‘Hindustan Times’ reporting about the recent development in Pangi Valley of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh.


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