People in the rural India refuse to take vaccines because they believe that they can die after taking it

There are around 80 people in Rajasthan who are believed to have died after getting the vaccines.

Government agencies and healthcare officials have said that people in the rural areas of India are refusing to take vaccines. According to the government, people mistrust the vaccines and refuse to take them because of the myths that Covid vaccines can kill them.

In recent weeks, the vaccination drive has started in the remote villages of India where people are being vaccinated. But many people believe that vaccines are creating conditions in their bodies that can kill them. Healthcare officials have completely ignored the concerns of the villages and called their fears based on rumors and myths.

It is now a known fact that people have started to mistrust vaccines and are avoiding getting the vaccines because they believe that vaccines are intended to kill people. In the past few days, the Government of India has said that the entire adult population of India will be vaccinated by December.

The reality of the vaccination clearly shows a grim picture to the villages as there have been many reported deaths among the villagers after taking the vaccine. There have been reports in the villages of Rajasthan where people have refused to get vaccinated.

In Rajasthan, there are around 80 reported deaths after the vaccination. There is constant news of the possible third wave in the news that is being circulated every day. The shortage of vaccines has created a tremendous demand for people wanting to get vaccinated.

The Government officials have said that the rumors circulating the social media including WhatsApp are one of the reasons for the belief that vaccines are dangerous. In the past week, the Government has also announced the control of Social Media by removing the privacy features to detect people creating news that is considered inappropriate.

The following news report from ‘India Today’ talks about the villagers in Bihar refusing to get vaccinated.

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