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People of Lahaul demand the government to build infrastructure for tourism

The potential to develop the Lahaul valley for adventure and winter sports is immense.

Village in Lahaul
A village in Lahaul Valley, Himachal (image soource: Wikimedia Commons)

After the news of the inauguration of the Rohtang Tunnel near Manali, the people of Lahaul district of Himachal demanded the government to take concrete steps to build the necessary infrastructure that will help boost the tourism activities in Lahaul. The much-needed infrastructure is required for the flourishing of the Tourism businesses in the area.

It is expected that the number of tourists will increase with the relaxing of the lockdown measures and the stakeholders of the tourism industry fear that there will not be enough accommodation facilities for the tourists arriving in the Lahaul.

There is a huge need to make developments for the tourist sites in the Lahaul valley. According to the experts, there is a huge potential of many adventure sports and winter sports in the valley of Lahaul. This untapped potential is keeping the tourists away from the Lahaul area. Also, because of many historic sites in the area, the potential to develop spiritual tourism is immense. Lahaul is full of many famous ancient Hindu temples such as Mrikula Mata Temple and Trilokinath temple. Also, many old monasteries are also found in the Lahaul valley.

Presently, the major concern for tourism businesses is the lack of accommodation facilities for tourists. There are not enough facilities that can be provided in case of a heavy flow of tourists in the area.

The people of Lahaul have been asking the government for the necessary steps to develop their area for the last eight years. The government has not been able to develop even the basic infrastructure for the area. With the opening of the ‘Rohtang Tunnel,’ a huge tourist influx can be expected to the Lahaul valley and the local people realize this and have asked the government again to help make the necessary developments.

There is a potential for the developing homestays since the local houses are generally huge and the number of people is comparatively less. The official sanctioning of the homestay facilities can help in promoting tourism in the area. The lack of basic infrastructure will not make people stay for long and they will move to other areas with better facilities.

The following video from the YouTube channel ‘Ronnie & Barty’ shows the beauty of the Lahaul valley and its landscape.

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