Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not allowed to be sold directly to the Indian states

The central government of India is controlling the supply of the vaccines to the Indian states.

Today, the Delhi government official, Mr. Manish Sisodia conducted a Press announcement where he criticized the central government for the mismanagement of vaccines. He stressed the fact that thousands of lives have been lost and the central government is not doing enough to manage the crisis.

Delhi government also said that the vaccine makers, Pfizer and Moderna are not allowed to sell vaccines directly to the state governments. As of now, the central government is the only body that is delaying the approval process for the procurement of the vaccines.

If the vaccines are allowed to be sold directly to the states of India, many people will be able to get the vaccines on time. Many countries including the United States have sent thousands of vaccines to India. However, these vaccines are still in the process of getting authorization to be sent to the states.

The Delhi government official, Mr. Manish Sisodia requested the central government to help the people who are in desperate need of the vaccines. Almost all states in India are struggling to get a consistent supply of essential medical equipment and vaccines. The central government’s control over the supply of vaccines is creating further stress on the fragile medical infrastructure.

The following news report from Hindustan Times talks about the current issues with the vaccine supplies.

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