Pfizer demands that it cannot be sued if anything goes wrong with the vaccine

Pfizer agreed to supply the essential vaccines to India only if it is givern legal immunity.

The US vaccine producer, Pfizer is planning to send 50 million Covid-19 vaccine doses to India but with some conditions. One of the conditions says that it should have security against any legal liability for the shots given to the people.

That means if any patient experiences serious side effects after taking the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, they will be immune from any liability and both these companies cannot be sued. Pfizer agreed to ship the vaccines on the condition that no legal action will be taken against them if anything goes wrong with the vaccine.

Both companies Pfizer and Moderna have asked that the legal protection will last until 2024. Also, both these companies cannot be asked for compensation against any severe side effects. Also, both these companies have announced that they will only be dealing with the Central government of India and will not send vaccines directly to the states.

The following news report from WION talks about the legal protection that Pfizer demands in exchange for the vaccine supply to India.

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