Pfizer has not yet applied for authorization for its vaccine in India

Pfizer vaccine has been delayed multiple times because of the demand for indemnity made by Pfizer.

The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has urged the company, Pfizer, to apply for its vaccine’s ‘emergency use’ authorization. The DCGI has requested Pfizer twice to apply for the authorization.

Moderna got its clearance last week when it got its license for the ‘emergency use’ of its vaccine. After this development, the Indian government is working towards getting Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer to develop their vaccines in India. These new vaccine developments will be done in collaboration with the Indian Pharmaceutical companies.

These steps are being taken to expedite the process of vaccinating all the people of India as soon as possible. With the third wave and new variants coming in, India is taking steps to stockpile as many vaccines as possible to mitigate the risks from the upcoming third wave.

The Pfizer company’s official said that they are working on an agreement with the Indian government for its vaccine approval. Pfizer vaccine has been delayed multiple times because of its constant request for indemnity. Indemnity will provide Pfizer with legal protection and protection against heavy compensation in case of any side effects that might occur from their vaccine.

Many people have reported severe side effects occurring due to Pfizer’s vaccine. However, they have been labeled as ‘conspiracy theories’. However, Pfizer asking for indemnity is the major roadblock towards its availability in India.

In the coming weeks, several vaccines will be added to the current list of available vaccines in India. There is currently a huge shortage of vaccines in India. The following report from ‘India Today’ talks about the requests made by DCGI to Pfizer to get their application for authorization.

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