Pfizer in talks with India to help supply vaccines

The Delhi government has requested the Central government to fix the shortage of vaccine supply.

According to the recent news reports, the vaccine maker Pfizer is currently discussing with the Indian Government to help with the vaccine supplies. In the past few months, India has been struggling to procure medical essential supplies. This led to further suffering and burdened the healthcare system of India.

The vaccine maker Pfizer is considering helping India combat its short supply of essential vaccines. The New Delhi government has also asked the Central government to expedite the approval process, so the lives of people can be saved.

Presently, Pfizer is working in collaboration under the vaccine name ‘Pfizer BioNTech’ along with the government of India. Pfizer said that is ready to help in supplying the vaccines to various parts of India.

However, on the other side, people have been showing their distrust over the vaccine’s safety on various social networks. Also, among the factors for distrusting Pfizer is the recent articles posted online about the various side effects caused by Pfizer’s vaccine. Some of these side effects include infertility and erectile dysfunction.

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