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Police officers in Madhya Pradesh gave badges of Patriotism for those getting vaccinated.

People who didn't get the vaccine were given a poster with a skull on it.

A recent report showed up where the Police officers in the state of Madhya Pradesh were seen giving a ‘badge of honor’ for the individuals who got vaccinated. This badge clearly said that the ‘I am a Patriot because I got vaccinated.’ Police officers were doing random patrolling and checked for people who got vaccinated.

On the other hand, the people who were found unvaccinated were given a poster with a skull on it which said that the person wearing this is unvaccinated and people should stay away from him.

With an increasing number of people expressing the ‘Vaccine hesitancy’, the government and media are trying to change this by introducing new measures to coerce people into getting the vaccines. For the government of Madhya Pradesh, the vaccination drive is facing a major challenge of ‘vaccine hesitancy’.

To encourage vaccination, the people are given a badge with a national flag on it and calling these people patriotic while shaming the ones who are against taking the vaccine. According to the senior Police Officer, this measure was taken to overcome vaccine hesitancy in the rural parts of India.

Following is the official news report from ‘DNA India news’ where Police Officers can be seen giving badges to the vaccinated people.


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