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Pollution in Delhi is now nearly 50% less since the lockdown

India Gate, New Delhi (image source : wikimedia commons)

In the past, the Delhi government had failed significantly in combating the pollution of the city despite all the initiatives A lot of funding went into solving the problem of pollution with no improvement in the Air Quality Index. Many reports surfaced indicating the increasing number of health issues faced by the people of Delhi due to its air quality.

However, since the lockdown, the recent Air Quality Index shows that the Delhi air is now breathable. The overall decrease in Air Quality Index was 49%. This came as good news for the people who were seriously concerned about their health. According to the study done by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, the air quality is now better compared to the last 40 years. This was due to the lockdown which helped reduce the pollutants from the vehicles and the industries.

If air quality is maintained at a healthy level, many respiratory diseases can be prevented. Delhi has always been known for the most polluted city in India. Agencies of the central government and weather forecasting have also reported a decrease in air pollution during the lockdown period.

Once, the lockdown eases, it is up to the people and the government to make sure the air quality is at a healthy level. It is expected of the government to implement some policies to make sure that the pollution is under control. Also, due to the coronavirus crisis, the Ozone layer of our planet has also shown some improvement.

According to the following report by ‘The Hindu’, many metropolitan cities have seen a significant improvement in air quality since the lockdown.

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