Popular tourist luxury train of India called ‘Palace on Wheels’ has stopped its operations for 2020

Palace on Wheels might start its services if the international tourism resumes.

Cabin view from inside Palace on Wheels (image source: wikimedia commons)

After being affected by the COVID pandemic, many businesses related to tourism have suffered financial losses. The tourism industry of India has been brought down on its knees. Another hit came when the news of India’s most popular luxury train ‘Palace on Wheels’ has decided to stop its operations until December of this year.

This train has been an amazing experience for the international tourists that got a chance to see the Indian culture and cuisine while traveling inside the train. The train is a part of Rajasthan’s tourism’s most popular attraction.

The Rajasthan Tourism officials said that they have been told by the government to not start any non-essential services. Since the ‘Palace on Wheels’ is a luxury transport while other options are available, the government has advised not to start the services. The Rajasthan Tourism officials said that there is a chance of starting the service once International Air travel starts. Once the international tourists start visiting Rajasthan, the train might start operating.

The ‘Palace on Wheels’ is a beautiful experience as it travels through deserts, sanctuaries, monuments, and to the Taj Mahal as well. This popular tour takes 8 days and shows the beauty of India within and outside of the train. The train is usually occupied 90% of its capacity during the tourism season. The ambiance inside the train is like a royal palace of Rajasthan.

It is highly unlikely that the train will start operating this year. However, there is a slight chance that this might change with the start of international tourism.

The following YouTube video from the channel called ‘Luxe Train Journeys’ give a tour of the popular luxury train ‘Palace on Wheels’.


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