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Possible Water Release Expected as Punjab and Himachal Pradesh Dams Reach Full Capacity

In the coming weeks, the monsoons rains could prove to be disastrous

As the monsoon season continues, dams in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are nearing their maximum capacity. Bhakra and Pong dams in Himachal Pradesh, and Kol and Thien dams in Punjab, are almost full.

The water levels are at 507.05m, 418.69m, 637.95m, and 522.90m, respectively, against their Full Reservoir Levels. Himachal Pradesh dams currently hold 9.527 billion cubic meters of water compared to 5.519 billion cubic meters last year. Authorities warn that if there is more rainfall in the catchment areas, water releases may become necessary.

For detailed information, check the following report.

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