Prices of vaccines in Indian private hospitals are the highest in the world

A group of private hospitals are the only ones who can procure the vaccines as of now.

It was learned that the private medical institutions are selling the vaccines at the maximum price of 1500 Indian Rupees for a single shot. This cost is mentioned on the official channels of the Cowin vaccine website.


There are 4 major hospital chains in India. They are Max hospital, Fortis, Manipal, and Apollo. The cost of vaccination in these hospitals is among the highest in the world according to the report published by the Times of India newspaper.


According to the initial agreement the private hospitals agreed to provide the vaccination shot for Rs.150 along with the administrative charges. But as of now, the Covishield vaccine is being sold at Rs.300 per shot.


One of the administrators has said that the storage and transportation costs make the vaccine price go up. The addition of the tax is another reason for the price hike. The Max Hospital in India is selling the Covishield shot for around 700 Indian Rupees.


With the increasing prices of the vaccines, the stock market value of the companies manufacturing the vaccines has also increased. As of now, the profits seen by the vaccine makers have been rising for the last 2 months. There are shortages of vaccines that have been reported in different places as many smaller hospitals are denied the supply of vaccines when they ask for them.


It seems that only a small group of private hospitals are profiting from the vaccine sales and small medical institutions are short of the required supply of vaccines needed by the people they serve. As of now, there is no such thing as ‘Universal Vaccination Drive’ in India. The following news report from India Today shows the report about rising vaccine prices.


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