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Rajasthan announced its lockdown starting from 10th to 24th May

All religious and social gatherings have been suspended.

Yesterday, the Rajasthan government announced that the state will be observed a lockdown starting from 10th May. The lockdown period will continue until the 24th of May. This decision was taken as a countermeasure to the surge in the new COVID-19 cases.

The government of Rajasthan specifically said that all social gatherings will be banned until 31st May. Throughout India, there are many people who have planned their marriage ceremonies. But due to the rising number of new COVID-19 cases, many of these ceremonies have been canceled. Only small gatherings in a home with no more than 11 people are allowed as of now.

The laborers involved in several construction and development projects have been infected as per the reports. The migrant laborers once infected can spread the virus in the rural areas. To combat this, a total lockdown has been announced. All travelers visiting Rajasthan are required to carry an RT-PCR negative test report with them when they travel. Travelers entering without the COVID test certificate will be quarantined for 15 days.

All the religious ceremonies and festivals have been canceled. People are asked to offer their prayers from home and conduct ceremonies in small gatherings within their home. Rajasthan is also seeing medical facilities getting more and more stressed with the constant influx of patients.

The shops and facilities of essential supplies will be open for a certain period of time. This lockdown will be strictly observed by the police and the health department.

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