Rajasthan finally approved the famous Pushkar Fair with some guidelines

This year's Pushkar Festival will only be limited to cattle trading.

The world-famous cattle fair of Pushkar known as the ‘Pushkar Mela’ is an annual event that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Since last year, the Pushkar fair has not been held. But with the decreasing cases of Covid-19 and the start of International tourism, Pushkar Festival will be a grand event.

The organizers have been told by the state government that the special guidelines need to be followed by everyone. One of the major conditions is the duration of the event. The Pushkar Mela is held for 15 days every year. However, as per the new guidelines, the Pushkar Fair will only be held for 8 days. This is to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Also, this year’s Pushkar event will only be limited to the trading of cattle. All the cultural activities, entertainment events, and sports will not be held this year. Also, the tourists visiting the event will have to show proof of at least one dose of the vaccine. Rajasthan tourism has suffered greatly due to the pandemic. This event might bring back some revival of tourism businesses.

These guidelines seem to limit the popularity of the Pushkar Fair. However, if the Covid-19 cases do not rise significantly, then the tourism activities are most likely to resume normally after the Pushkar Fair. Following is the news article from ‘Free Press Journal’ about the details of the guidelines introduced for the Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan.


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