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Rajasthan opening up cultural sites for domestic tourism

Hawa Mahal, Rajasthan (image source : wikimedia commons)

The state government of Rajasthan announced that several restrictions will be lifted for the unlocking phase of the lockdown. Many popular tourist destinations and cultural monuments will be opened for the public. However, the hotspots in the state will remain closed in order to contain COVID infections. The cultural sites will open only for 4 days a week but the tourists will be allowed after 3 weeks. The changes to the scheduled will be made gradually after reviewing the health safety measures.

The tourism secretary of the state said that the reason for opening up these cultural sites is to promote domestic tourism. Several other sites are under review to be opened. Sites such as Tiger parks and wildlife safaris are expected to be opened in the coming weeks.

The following report by ‘India Today’ talks about the details for this unlocking procedure and how it will impact the domestic tourism industry.

According to the tourism officials, these cultural sites will be properly sanitized and social distancing will be followed strictly. The major reason to open up tourism is to help people recover from the economic adversity that hit them during the lockdown.

The SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) have been finalized to ensure the safety of the tourists. Also, the government has allocated a significant amount of funding to help develop the battered tourism industry. The government is working with tourism businesses to create more opportunities for tourism to flourish.

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