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Rajasthan to be promoted as an adventure and a monsoon destination

Banswara and Udaipur are currently being promoted to attract the domestic tourists.

Rajasthan is among the most popular destinations in India. For the international tourists, it is easily among the top 3 on their list. The royal heritage of Rajasthan and its unique blend of Art, Music, and Culture is a great treat for the people who are visiting Rajasthan for the first time. Some of the major tourist attractions of Rajasthan include the palace, forts, and lakes.

A large chunk of the population of Rajasthan is dependent on tourism. Since the beginning of the pandemic, small businesses and groups of artists who depend only on tourism for their survival were suffering throughout the lockdown period.

The Rajasthan tourism department has done a great job in promoting the tourism of Rajasthan along with its culture and traditions. However, it has been a challenge to help people to survive during the Covid pandemic. Many artists have been trying to do online concerts to raise money for themselves. However, this has not been largely successful for everyone.

The Rajasthan tourism department is now promoting Rajasthan as a monsoon destination as well as a destination for adventure activities. The new promotional campaigns are largely targeted towards Indian tourists.

Presently the destinations of Udaipur and Banswara are being promoted and more places will be developed for domestic tourism in the coming weeks. Both Banswara and Udaipur are great places to be in during the monsoons and both these destinations are filled with great tourist attractions. Attractions such as forts, museums, rivers, hills, and islands with lush green surroundings are being promoted.

With more travel destinations available for Indian tourists, the number of tourists can be managed and distributed in a good way. As of now, almost all domestic tourists are running towards the hills of Himachal, Uttarakhand, and Sikkim.

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