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Rajasthan tourism department introduces a new app for tourists

This new app will provide real-time information for the tourists.

The state tourism department of Rajasthan introduced a new app that provides real-time information to the tourists. Information such as local sites, events, food, and transportation will be available on the app. As of now, there is only an android version of the app. The iOS app is currently being developed.

This app will be launched on 27th September which is also celebrated as World Tourism Day. In the coming weeks, the iOS version of the app will be released as well.

The officials of the Rajasthan Tourism Department said that all the important information will be provided through the app. Presently, any information related to Rajasthan is only available on the website of Rajasthan’s Tourist Department. The app will also give insights into the number of tourists visiting India.

With the upcoming start of the tourism activities in October, hundreds of domestic tourists are expected to visit from all over India. The app will be available for download on 27th September 2021.

Recently, the state government of Rajasthan has been working hard to promote the tourist activities of Rajasthan by introducing new projects. These projects are aimed to improve the tourism infrastructure of Rajasthan along with reviving the livelihoods of the local people.

The local artists, craftsmen, and business owners had to close their operations due to the Pandemic. Hopefully, starting in October, the tourism industry of Rajasthan will improve. Following is the news article from ‘Financial Express’ reporting about the new app that is scheduled to launch on 27th September.


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