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Rajasthan tourism recovering positively with rising number of tourists

התיירות המקומית ברג'סטאן נמצאת במגמת עלייה לאחר ההסגר

Udaipur, Rajasthan (image source: wikimedia commons)

Since 2nd June, unlocking of the museums and monuments brought in more than 3000 tourists visiting Rajasthan. The state of Rajasthan was the first one to open up its tourism for domestic visitors. The decision was made to help thousands of artists, craftsmen, and businesses involved in the tourism industry of Rajasthan. 

The tourism department of Rajasthan is making sure all the tourists are safe and priority is given to the implementation of safety protocols. It has been a positive change in the perception of the people due to the opening of the monuments. People have been locked up in their homes for the last 3 months. This decision of going out to travel outside of their city has been very refreshing. 

In the pink city of Jaipur, 8 monuments have been opened for the public. Just in Jaipur alone, there were over 1800 people visited the city on Sunday. In order to attract tourists, the ticket prices for the museums and monuments have been discounted. The social distancing procedures are making people to visit these places in small groups. Many hotels have also seen an increase in their guests and they are hoping to gain revenue due to the gradual increase of the tourists.

Rajasthan tourism ministry also ran a few campaigns in order to restart their tourism sector. The most recent and trending campaign that was “SafaWithTwitter”. The tourism minister, Mr. Vishvendra Singh started a twitter campaign where he encouraged everyone to click a photo wearing a traditional turban of Rajasthan called ‘Safa’. This campaign was a success as it became a trend throughout India and it helped in promoting domestic tourism. Many key public figures also participated in this promotional campaign where they wore the ‘Safa’ and posted their photos on their social media profiles.

The following YouTube video from the channel called ‘Editorji’ shows the trend of ‘SafawithTwitter’ that was part of the campaign to promote Rajasthan tourism after the lockdown.

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