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Rajasthan will open two new Nahargarh sanctuary safari routes

The new safari routes are opened to increase the tourist activities in Rajasthan.

The tourists visiting the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur will now have the opportunity to experience the Leopard Safari at Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is quite a popular destination for adventure seekers traveling to Rajasthan.

The Nahargarh Sanctuary is now starting two new routes for their safaris. The tourists will have new destinations to witness the wildlife in the area. The main attraction is the Leopards whose populations have been declining for many years. The Nahargarh Sanctuary is working towards the preservation and welfare of the leopards.

Other wildlife species that can be witnessed in the Nahargarh Sanctuary are the blue bull, fox, peacocks, and hyenas. The new routes were introduced to help promote tourism activities. The beginning of the winter season is the time when a large number of tourists visit Rajasthan. This year, with many tourism projects in Rajasthan, tourism activities are likely to increase.

The following YouTube video from the channel called ‘Magic Lense’ gives a tour of the Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajashtan.

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