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Rhododendron in Himachal Pradesh blooms early again

Scientific studies will be undertaken by the Himachal Pradesh forest department

Himachal’s state tree, known as the Rhododendron, is locally called Buransh. And yet it has bloomed early this year again. This has happened for the second consecutive year. This has raised a concern among scientists as it is unusual to notice a change in the flowering pattern of trees. The major concern is the sensitivity and response of plants to changes in temperature. Further, the change in precipitation patterns in the warming mountains is also problematic.

Following the change in flowering patterns and shifting baseline of trees, scientific studies will be undertaken by the Himachal Pradesh forest department along with the Himalayan Forest Research Institute (HFRI). This study will note and elaborate on the effect of climate change on all the species of Rhododendron. As per the observations of the scientists, the change in flowering patterns can be disastrous and threaten the existence of these gorgeous trees.

A deeper study is required to observe the changing phenomena in the flowering pattern of this tree. Also, it can have a threatening effect on the existence of rhododendrons. The usual time for these trees to bloom is usually in April.

Scientists are also concerned about the shifting of the baseline of the rhododendron apart from the changing flowering pattern. The Rhododendron is becoming rare due to changes in rainfall patterns and a continuous rise in temperature.

Suresh Attri, a principal scientific officer in the state government’s department of science, technology, and environment, agreed that it is time to conserve Himachal’s beauty.

What leads to early blooming?

Early blooming usually happens because of warmer winters and sunny springs. Rhododendron requires a temperature of 15-20 °C to bloom. This is the average temperature in April in the middle and higher regions of Himachal Pradesh.


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