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Rules of entry in Himachal Pradesh are being strictly enforced

In the past week people forged their COVID-negative certificate and entered the state.

Manali blog post
Manali in Himachal Pradesh (image source: wikimedia commons)

In the last few weeks, there have been many reports of tourists sneaking into Himachal borders without proper paperwork. Some reports were found where people forged the ‘COVID Negative’ report. This alarmed the residents of the state.

Since the beginning of this week, the Himachal Pradesh government has taken strict measures to ensure the thorough checking of all tourist documents upon entry. All tourists have to provide the police officials with their address proof, place of stay in Himachal, and the next destination. Along with these, the police officials will also do a basic temperature scan and verify the COVID Negative medical certificate.

Since the time the lockdown measures were relaxed, the surge in the new cases was observed. Many people from other states came into the borders without getting checked. This has made the number of new infections rise.

There is a huge flow of tourists in the last few days where tourists from Punjab and Delhi are trying to escape the heat of the city.

The current rules state that if the taxi drive returns back to Himachal within 24 hours there will be no quarantining of the driver. The COVID-negative report should not be older than 72 hours.

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