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Siachen base camp in Ladakh is open for tourists

Siachen Trek is also open for tourists.

Ladakh’s Tourism department has announced that it will open the Siachen base camp for tourism. The announcement was made just before World Tourism Day. One of the most defining features of The Siachen Glacier is that it is called the ‘Highest battlefield in the world’. The actual location of Siachen Glacier was the place of military activity and political tension.

However, presently no military activity or any battle is happening with neighboring Pakistan. So, being one of the highest places to visit, it has been an attraction for the tourists. The Siachen Base Camp is one of the places where tourists can now visit.

The trekking trail of Siachen is popular as being one of the most challenging treks in India. People from all over the world go on the Siachen Trek to test their endurance.  For adventure lovers, it is good news that now the tourists can visit this part of Ladakh and enjoy an adventurous trek.

The following is the detailed news article from ‘Times of India’ reporting about the recent announcement by Ladakh’s Tourism Department.


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