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Sikhs feed 125 thousand people daily during Coronavirus lockdown in Delhi

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At a Sikh Temple (Gurudwara) called ‘Bangla Sahib’, the devotees of Sikh Faith prepared food for the needy during the Coronavirus crisis. During this time, a lot of people who are the daily wage earners are currently in dire need of the basic necessities to survive. Food is the most important necessity during this time. Help from the government has not reached each and every person who requires help.

The Temple committee provided rooms to doctors and nurses facing accommodation issues. Many doctors and nurses do not wish to go to their homes to avoid any spread of the virus. Hence the Gurudwara (Temple) committee provided them with sanitized rooms with all the daily requirements taken care of.

Sikhs have been serving ‘Langar’ (Selfless service to provide food) free of cost to 125 thousand people every day. This was done in all its major temples in the capital city of Delhi. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, Committee president with the help of the administration, has been working towards providing food service to the most vulnerable people of the society. Manjinder Singh said that they are trying to reach 2 million people daily so they can survive during these trying times. People involved in ‘Langar Sewa’ (Service of providing Food) are staying at the Temple and are strictly following the precautionary measures to avoid any spread of the virus.

Many such instances of their good work have been seen throughout the world. According to the following report, Sikhs have been very important in tackling the food problems faced by the weakest sections of society.

The Sikh community has always been at the forefront of helping people in need. This ‘Selfless Service’ (SEWA) is part of the Sikh faith. The Sikhs have been working hard to feeding people in need throughout the world.

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