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Sikkim bans plastic bottles

The packaged mineral water bottles will also be banned.

Recently, the tourism board of Sikkim banned single-use plastic. This initiative was taken to help the environment sustain itself. Starting the new year 2022, all single-use plastic bottles will be banned. The mineral water bottles will also be banned.

Many projects and initiatives were being taken to boost tourism. Many projects are eco-tourism initiatives that aimed to provide sustainable tourism activities for tourists. To preserve the environment and to reduce plastic pollution the state government has decided to ban plastic bottles.

Also, the government is working with the locals to develop an alternative for plastic bottles. A bamboo bottle is being developed on a large scale to help create awareness against using plastic water bottles. The government is also encouraging, the local villages to create homestay facilities for the tourists. This will help boost the local economy and create jobs for the local population of Sikkim.

Following is the news report from ‘ABP Live’ reporting about the plastic ban in Sikkim.

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