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Sikkim: COVID related restrictions to be lifted

India has updated its Covid guidelines for international travelers.

A new decision was taken by the government of Sikkim recently. It has been announced that COVID restrictions will be lifted in the state. This decision came into the picture when the government noticed a significant decline in COVID cases. An official statement was released by the government of Sikkim regarding this matter. The order issued on Thursday mentioned that the restrictions were lifted once the significant decline in the Covid-19 cases was noticed by the government.

New opportunities for the state will now open after horrifying 2 years of Covid-19. The tourism sector is expected to bloom as this state, located in Eastern Himalayas is said to be one of the major attractions for many tourists. Other than being a center of culture for Sikkimese people, this state has to offer some of the most splendid natural attractions one can witness.

Moreover, many markets, shops, and commercial establishments were allowed by the state government to function as normal. It was also mentioned that all educational institutions are allowed to open and function normally. Additionally, social, political, religious, and sports-related gatherings will be allowed by the state. They will continue without any restrictions.

However, it is expected by the citizens to take precautions and stay aware as the pandemic is still lingering on our heads. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, a total of 541 cases are witnessed currently.

India: It was reported today that 44877 new cases of COVID 19 infection were freshly introduced, 11 percent lower than the cases witnessed yesterday. The reported recoveries from the virus were seen to be 117591 in the last 24 hours. Also, the total vaccine doses administered as of today were 172.81 crores.,be%20lifted%20in%20the%20state.&text=The%20state%20government%20in%20Sikkim,to%20remain%20open%20and%20function.

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