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Sikkim is allowing partially vaccinated tourists

Tourists are still required to present a Covid-negative certificate upon arrival.

The state of Sikkim is largely dependent on tourist activities for its economic welfare. Due to the pandemic, the tourism business has largely been shut down or going through a financial meltdown.

The state government of Sikkim is trying to balance the revival of tourism with the safety of the people of the state. The recently recorded number of active Covid cases in Sikkim is around 3300. However, the concerns for the outbreak are still there.

Last month, the state government of Sikkim announced that only fully vaccinated tourists will be allowed. Also, the hotels and homestays were instructed to operate with 50% capacity. But, this has not resulted in increasing the number of tourists. Instead, the tourists visited the other states in North and North-East India.

Recently, the state government decided to allow partially vaccinated people to travel to Sikkim only if 2 people in the group are fully vaccinated. The remaining people in the group need to show the negative Covid-test report.

Once the monsoon season is over, the number of tourists traveling to Sikkim might increase after these relaxations. However, on the other hand, tourists may even prefer to travel to other destinations in Northeast India with easier travel guidelines.

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