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Snow sculpture will be a new tourist attraction in Ladakh

Ladakh will also be starting the Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in the upcoming years

A new snow sculpture in Ladakh is going to be the new coolest tourist attraction. It was informed by Union Minister Jitendra Singh to Ladakh Lieutenant Governor (LG) RK Mathur about the upcoming snow sculpture on Monday. According to him, a new snow sculpture will be introduced in Ladakh during the upcoming Winters of 2022. Many job opportunities for the locals will be created once this snow sculpture is introduced.

Ladakh will also be starting the Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in the upcoming years once this is successfully launched and once the art is established in the region. A workshop was organized by the Kangding Snow and Ice Sculpture Association along with Ladakh Police recently. It was the very first Ice and Snow-Sculpture Workshop that commenced on February 11, 2022. The workshop was conducted at Sangtakchan.

The workshop concluded with a very meaningful and effective view of the LG, he told everyone to not leave Ladakh alone during the winter months. According to him, it is an amazing time when the tourism sector can bloom and earn a lot. He told the audience about his theory which says that even though summers are great in Ladakh, winters must not be ignored. And it could be much better if thought about from a tourism perspective.

He also addressed the absolutely talented Ladakhi youth, especially when we talk about creative fields. He also made a promise to support and assist with machinery requirements for building the ice sculptures. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also given priority to Ladakh as over the years it has become a trending tourist destination.


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