Some international flights in India start under special conditions

Special flights between US, France and Germany have started under special conditions

Air India Flight
Air India Flight (image source: wikimedia commons)

The Ministry of Aviation in India recently announced that some international flights will start operating under special conditions. The international flights to and from India were suspended for almost 6 months now.

After bilateral agreements with the USA, France, and Germany, the flights between these countries are now operational. However, these flights come under special conditions. These flights are currently under the temporary arrangement and are subject to change according to the conditions of the pandemic.

All these flights are allowed to fly passengers of any country. However, restrictions for citizens of some countries are still imposed. Firstly, the passenger has to confirm with the destination country if they are allowed in the country with their visa. In some connecting flights, many European countries have not yet allowed passengers from India.

The Aviation Minister of India has informed the public that the normal international flights will be allowed in different phases. Slowly all the international flights will be allowed with safety guidelines in place. But, many countries will choose to accept the connectivity from India according to their safety protocols.

Currently, India is in talks with other countries that are capable of handling the flights between the two countries under the safety guidelines.

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