Stranded foreign tourists in India got extension to their visas until 31st August

The international flights have also been suspended until 31st August,

The Home Ministry of India made an announcement last week about the extension given to the foreign tourists who came to India before March last year. All the tourists who got stuck in India due to the Covid-19 lockdown before March last year will be given an extension to the validity of their visas.

According to the Home Ministry officials, there will be no overstay penalty to be charged for these tourists. Also, these tourists will not have to submit any application to the FRRO office. The extension until 31st August will be given automatically on the ‘Gratis’ basis. Tourists who visited India before March 2020 have been facing tremendous difficulties because of the lockdown restrictions.

Also, all international flights will be suspended until 31st August 2021. There is no confirmation given on whether the international flights will resume after 31st August. The second wave of covid-19 created a lot of chaos and fear among the tourists stranded in India. The fear of the possible 3rd wave has created uncertainty among the tourist community.

In the coming months, things will get clearer about the severity of the Covid-19 in India and its implications on international travel and stranded tourists. As of now, the uncertainty will remain in the minds of the tourists who remain stranded in India since last year.

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