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Taj Mahal demanded to be opened for the tourists

Taj Mahal stays shut while Malls are open.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal, Agra (image source: wikimedia commons)

Today, all of the tourism industry of Agra and its businesses are demanding the government to reopen the Taj Mahal. The monument has stayed shut since the beginning of the lockdown and it has severely affected the livelihood of all the people associated with the tourism-related to this grand monument.

But now serious demands were made today by the Tourism Industry offices in Agra to allow tourists to visit the Taj and other important monuments in the city. After many places have already opened up in the country, people and businesses are expected to see the tourists visiting the Taj Mahal from next month.

The revenue of the state of Uttar Pradesh has suffered a loss to their major source of income due to the lockdown. All other public places in Agra are already open these even include Malls where a large number of people are moving freely. This made the tourism industry demand the government to allow the opening of the Taj Mahal when all other public places are open.

The senior officials of the Agra Tourism Guild also said that the recovery rate of the COVID patients has increased and opening of the tourism sites will be positive for the people.

The health and safety guidelines especially related to Taj and Agra has not yet been finalized. Proper planning for the implementation of the safety protocols needs to be done.

No economic relief packages have been given to the people who lost their jobs and businesses due to the closure of the Taj Mahal. People are truly unhappy with the government and the way they are handling the situation. Last month many laid-off staff members demanded half of the payment of their salaries but nothing was done to compensate these people.

The beginning of next month will see some changes in the lifting up of the lockdown restrictions. It is expected that the government will make some plans to implement the safety guidelines for tourism to operate.

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