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Taj Mahal to stay closed as the rest of the Indian cultural sites open

העיר אגרה היא עדיין "אזור אדום" עבור COVID-19

Taj Mahal before lockdown (image source: wikimedia commons)

Throughout India the second phase of the unlock procedure started today with more than 800 cultural sites reopening after a long lockdown period. However, Agra being the ‘Red Zone’ for COVID-19 has not be given permission to open Taj Mahal and other sites for tourists. The request for reopening the Taj was made by the mayor of Agra to the Central government last week. This request was denied due to the fact that Agra is still not safe from the tourism point of view. The Taj Mahal has been closed since March 17 of this year. 

Domestic tourism has started in most parts of the county, but Agra will remain closed for tourism and movement to and from Agra will remain restricted. The tourism industry of Agra is seriously worried about their economic situation. The businesses are hoping that the government will take some measures to help them resume their activities with the safety guidelines in place. 

The safety assessment of the city is underway and the health officials are keeping track of the spread of COVID-19. Until now the total number of deaths in Agra is 50 and total number of active cases are 967 as of today. However, the densely populated areas which have been considered as the ‘hotspots’ are still under review and people are still getting screened. 

The government has not given any particular date as to when the city of Agra will opened. With number of new cases rising in the city, it will remain to be a ‘Red Zone’ until any improvement is seen. 

The recent report by ‘CNN-News 18’ shows the effect of the lockdown on the tourism economy of Agra.

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