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Taj Mahal will remain closed for visitors until 15th August

It is highly likely that the Taj will need a few more weeks after 15th August to be prepared for tourism.

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Taj Mahal inAgra (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Many monuments throughout India were recently opened to give a boost to the Tourism industry after the lockdown. However, the Taj Mahal has mostly remained shut after a brief opening for a few days.

The Archaeological Survey of India has decided to open many religious and cultural monuments in India in last month’s decision. More than 200 monuments have been opened last month.

Taj Mahal attracts the largest number of tourists compared to any other monument in India and it is the most famous among the international tourists. The decision taken by the Archaeological Survey of India to keep the Taj Mahal closed until the 15th of August is to make sure there is no surge in the new COVID case in Agra.

It is highly likely that the date of 15th August maybe even pushed further to keep the Taj closed until the risk of infection subsides. According to the experts, even after the decision to open the Taj on 15th, it would take another couple of weeks to prepare the monument with the necessary protocols before the tourists can be allowed.

Agra currently has many hotspots where the number of COVID cases is rising rapidly. Due to this reason, it is risky to open the Taj for the tourists. Currently, the city of Agra has 70 active containment zones.

Many business owners associated with the tourism of the Taj Mahal are currently hoping the government to take a definitive decision to open monument.



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