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The airport in Deogarh, Jharkhand will open soon

Deogarh airport is now all ready to operate domestic airlines

Deogarh airport in Jharkhand is now all ready to operate domestic airlines. The city of Deogarh is a popular tourist destination, known for its religious and spiritual significance. After all formalities, such as technical NOC, and trials are completed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the airport will start to operate flights. The airport is spread across an area of 650 acres and is inspired by the structure of one of the 12 Jyotirlingas temples in India named Baba Baidyanath Temple.

This is the second airport in the state after the one in Ranchi. The airport that can handle a total of 200 passengers is the second airport in the state, after the one in Ranchi. It also has six check-in counters, and the terminal building is decorated with tribal art, handicrafts, and local sites. The terminal has all types of modern facilities. The facilities include 24-hour medical assistance among others. Passengers from Dumka, Gonda, Banka, and other Bihar neighboring states will find it much easier to travel now.

Sandeep Kumar Dhingra, the Airport Director of Deogarh, said, “Deoghar Airport is a domestic airport. It is an airport where Airbus A-320 and A321 can land on a 2,500 m long runway whose width is 45 m. For A-320 and A-321, there are a total of four parking bases.

With six check-in counters, we also have a departure conveyor and two arrival conveyor belts. X-rays, other security equipment, and CCTVs are also installed inside the terminal.

With installed water harvesting systems and solar energy, the Deogarh airport is also environmentally friendly.

The airport is expected to boost the economy of the place as well, and it will serve as a great connector for doctors. It will also help greatly with boosting the economy. A popular tourist destination for Buddhism and Jainism, Deogarh is a perfect place for this airport.


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