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The best places to visit in the state of Manipur

North East India has many underrated tourist destinations that deserve to be highlighted.

Loktak Lake
Loktak Lake in Manipur (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

There are many unexplored and off-beat travel destinations throughout India. North-East India is largely lesser-known places in India where tourists visit. In north-east India, Manipur is a beautiful destination for the people who wish to explore this part of India.

Manipur is famously known for its beautiful valleys, rivers, national parks, and villages where the unique culture and tradition can be experienced. The place is full of rich history and natural beauty unique only to this part of India.

Following are some places that should be on your list when you visit Manipur:


  1. Kangla, Imphal

Imphal is the capital city of Manipur and it is the hub for tourists and many tourist-centric activities to experience. Popular for its temples, architecture, and history going back to 33 A.D., Imphal is the center of the state of Manipur where all other places connect easily. The two most important temples to visit are Hijagang and Govindajee Temple.


  1. The Santhel National Park in Andro

Situated close to Imphal, the beautiful village of Andro is a must to visit. The Santhel National Park is beautiful for its view of the valley. The village of Andro is famous for its tribal handicrafts, carved figurines, and pottery. Buying souvenirs from this place are encouraged for the development of local and tribal tourism. Beautiful flowers and natural beauty gives a memorable experience for travellers.


  1. The Loktak Lake in Bishupur

The beautiful destination made popular by the tourists posting the place on Instagram. The natural beauty of this place would make the trip memorable for anyone. The Loktak lake is the largest freshwater lakes in entire north-east India. The lake is full of rare plants and is surrounded by rich wildlife and birds in the area. Travelers can also take part in the boat rides in the lake.

The following YouTube video by ‘Hopping Bug’ channel shows the natural beauty of Manipur.


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