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The COVID-19 medical certificate not required to enter Himachal Pradesh anymore

The inter-state buses will remain suspended until further notice

Temple Mcleodganj
Buddhist Temple, in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh announced today that people traveling to Himachal Pradesh will not be required to carry a COVID-19 medical report.

This requirement for the COVID test was made mandatory since the beginning of the lockdown period. Due to this many tourists were not able to travel to Himachal comfortably. There was always a risk of contracting the virus while visiting the laboratory or the hospital. This resulted in a lower number of tourists visiting the state.

Goa and Rajasthan had already relaxed the restriction of COVID certificate and that resulted in the slow recovery of many tourism-related businesses. However, Himachal Pradesh has not yet seen any growth in the number of incoming tourists. After today’s announcement, it is expected that more people will be willing to visit Himachal Pradesh.

Just a few hours earlier, the state authority also announced that there will be no requirement of online registrations as well. People will be free to travel to Himachal Pradesh without these restrictions. However, the interstate-buses will remain suspended until further notice. People can only travel through taxis or their own vehicles.

Another decision was taken in the meeting today which allows the bars to open and serve liquor starting today. This decision was taken to help people resume their businesses and open their facilities for the tourists.

All bars and restaurants will have to follow strict social-distancing and health guidelines issued by the Central Government of India.

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