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The famous Thajiwas Glacier in Kashmir is melting fast

Satellite data shows that more than 1200 glaciers in the Himalayan range are metling away fast.

According to the recent news, all major glaciers in Ladakh, Kashmir, and Jammu are melting away quickly. The recent satellite data shows that the more than 1200 major glaciers in the Himalayas are melting away quite fast. Also, the overall snow cover has decreased significantly in recent years.

Experts said that the reason for the increasing rate of melting glaciers is global warming. Increasing temperature due to rise in the population and increase in the fossil fuel emissions. The glaciers of the famous Pir-Panjal mountain range are melting away the fastest.

The most popular glacier in Kashmir, the Thajiwas Glacier has melted 50 meters in the last few years. With the melting of these glaciers, the road conditions are expected to get worse along with the increased water levels in the rivers and lakes. It is still unclear if any of the tourist activities will get affected in Sonmarg due to the melting ice. Only time will tell how bad the situation can get for tourism.

Following is the detailed news from ‘India Times’ reporting about the recent satellite data released showing the receding glacial snow cover.


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