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The first international chartered flight to Goa is expected to arrive on December 13

The regular international passenger flights have been banned until 30th November.

After 19 months of lockdown period, the state of Goa is finally opening up all its tourism activities. The clearance for the chartered flights was given several weeks ago, but no chartered flight arrived in India. However, according to the recent news, the first chartered flight is expected to land in India on December 13th this year.

According to the details, 4 scheduled chartered flights are coming to Goa from the United Kingdom. This information was given by an official from Travel and Tourism Associated of Goa. December 13 would be officially the start of the international tourist season for Goa.

On the other hand, the regular passenger flights to India are still banned until 30th November. After 30th November, there is a high probability that the passenger flights will continue as normal. With the start of international tourism activities, the tourism sector will get a much-needed boost.

Before the pandemic, Goa usually receive around 1000 chartered flights from October until April. Following is the detailed report by the ‘Livemint’ reporting about the first chartered flights from the UK scheduled for 13th December.


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