The first mRNA vaccine of India is ready for clinical trials

The mRNA vaccine has been considered better by the health experts.

The mRNA-based vaccines have been labeled as successful by Pfizer and Moderna pharma company. However, there is a long-term study needed to prove if there are any long-term side effects of mRNA vaccines.

India’s first mRNA vaccine will be developed by a Pune-based company called Emcure Pharmaceuticals which is a subsidiary of Gennova Biopharmaceuticals. This vaccine has been given approval and the clinical trials will begin soon.

Another vaccine by Zydus Cadila will also be the world’s first Plasmid DNA vaccine. This vaccine also received a green light for phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials. The data of the safety will be made public for both these vaccines before they are brought into the market.

As per the experts, the mRNA vaccines are much better than the other vaccines because them being non-infectious and are not degraded by regular cell mechanisms. More data is required to convince the general public who has shown vaccine-hesitancy for a long time. However, the clinical trial data is also being prepared to make sure these vaccines are safe.

Following is the detailed report by ‘Business Today’ reporting about the recent approval given to India’s first mRNA vaccine.

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