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The first phase of unlocking in Uttarakhand restricts tourists from visiting tourism sites

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand (image source: wikimedia commons)

After Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand government announced a policy for hotels which restricts the movement of the tourists. All hotels and hospitality businesses have been asked to resume their businesses. However, they were given certain protocols that made them unhappy. One such guideline states that the tourists visiting from other states will not be allowed to visit any cultural and popular tourist spots.

This defeats the purpose of traveling to Uttarakhand entirely. Also, the tourists have been told to book their stay for a minimum of 7 days. This is mandatory and has to be done by all visiting tourists. Again, this is an enforced rule which restricts the tourists to stay in the hotel for a minimum of 7 days without visiting any of the tourist destinations.

The officials said that the reason for the rule of staying for a minimum of 7 days is to ensure that the tourists staying are not carrying any infection. The officials said that period of 7 days will show the signs of any symptoms when a tourist visits. This will help track the COVID-19 cases.

According to government officials, these rules are to ensure the health and safety of everyone while maintaining the movement of economic activity. All hotels that violate any of these protocols will be dealt with as per the law. The major part of the economy of the Uttarakhand state is dependent on tourism. The beginning of the summer season has created an interest in tourism in this part of India. After being severely hit by the lockdown, the state has opened its borders for the tourists. However, tourists visiting would not be happy when restrictions on the very basic need for tourism are enforced.

The state of Uttarakhand is still in the process of opening up the places of worship and the important temples for the general public. These places of interest will open when the required safety guidelines are implemented. In the coming weeks, more details specific to visiting the important travel sites in Uttarakhand will be known. Until then, these places are closed for the public.

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