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The GI Tag given to the traditional locally made goods from Chamba and Lahaul

Geographical Indication has been given to many other products that are locally made in Himachal Pradesh.

The famous tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh has received ‘Geographical Indication’ also known as the ‘GI Tag’ before. Earlier, the GI Tag was given for traditionally made products and locally grown food products. These include the famous Kangra Tea, Shawls made in Kullu, Chamba handkerchiefs.

Today, another GI Tag was given to the locally produced footwear, socks, and gloves from the famous village of Chamba. ‘Chamba Chappal’ is footwear traditionally popular for more than 100 years. This footwear is considered special and a symbol of the royal heritage of the Chamba.

The woolen socks and gloves made in Lahaul are also quite popular. These socks and gloves are hand-knitted and are worn by the local people. These socks and gloves have also received the GI Tag. With the GI Tag, the local goods are most likely to receive much-needed attention. The local craftsmen and artists of the Chamba and Lahaul region are particularly known for their creativity.

Among various initiatives and projects aimed towards promoting the tourism of India. The GI Tag is another important addition to help put the local Himachali products on the world map. Following is the news report from ‘Outlook India’ reporting about the recent GI Tag given to the products made in Chamba and Lahaul.


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